The Greatest Show and Tell on Earth

b&n mini maker faireIf you’re a tech enthusiast, crafter, educator, tinkerer, hobbyist, engineer, science club member, author, artist, student, entrepreneur, or maker of any kind— join me at the Barnes and Noble Mini Maker Faire!

I will be at the Barnes and Noble at Mountain Farms in Hadley for the “Meet the Maker Q&A session”  starting at 7pm on Friday November 6th – sharing stories about my process, creations and thoughts on the Maker movement.

If you can’t join me for the session on Friday night, you can stop by to see my Shopbots which will be on display through out the weekend Nov. 6-8th. Hope to see you there.maker banner

Rewarding experiences and inspiring the next generation

I have had such amazing time in the past few weeks from gallery openings to the Maker Faire and even a few visits to my shop to see “behind the scenes”. Meeting people is such an exciting part of my work. But I can honestly say the absolute best time for me is seeing some little kids eyes light up when we are talking and they realize that they can do it too!

A few different families with budding “little makers” reached out to me to let me know that after one of my events (and sometimes with a small part I gave them) they later found their kids tinkering on the floor, crafting in the garage or outside working on their own creations.

Meet a few hundred people at the Hartford Maker’s Faire last week and almost everyone I talked to there had a story to share about what it was that inspired them. What inspires you?

 Just as many *big* kids as little kids that day

 Just as many *big* kids as little kids that day. Good times.