Talks with Robots: Origins of the Robot Profiles

robot familyWhen I’m out and about meeting with people, a lot of times people will speak about my robots as if they are alive –  “He’s cute”, “What’s her name?”…truth be told, sometimes I think that they’re alive myself! I do see them come together in the disjointed pieces on my bench and find myself telling little anecdotes about them as I’m putting them together. If you’ve seen some of my pieces recently, you know I have been starting to put together biographies for all of my Shopbots. I see the personalities in each of them.

Sometimes people call me an artist, a creator, a maker, a welder or just an all-out weirdo – truth be told, I think I’m a little of each. The one thing I am in addition to all those things is a storyteller and I can even enable you to be a storyteller too. Look at my pieces and ask yourself “What did that part used to be?” “Where did this come from”? Sure, you can look at the parts but the real story is in the whole creation. Begin to imagine what the story is behind where each of those pieces came from or now that they are together – what they’re going to be doing in the future?

Over the new few months I’m going to start a series called “Robot Profiles” and tell you the background behind my robots. Hope you’ll enjoy the stories as much as I enjoyed making the Shopbots themselves. Now quick, go, before they hear you!

Join Me at the Vintage Motorcar Festival

klingberg logoHave some fun plans this weekend to celebrate father’s day? What…you don’t? Then aren’t you in luck, I have just the thing. Grab your dad (or mom…or cat…or spouse…whoever) and head on over to the Klingberg Vintage Motorcar Festival in New Britain this Saturday from 9:30am to 3:00pm.

groundsCome out to admire hundreds of antique and classic cars spanning decades of automotive history, all on a picturesque 40-acre hilltop campus in Connecticut. Wayne Carini of Velocity’s Chasing Classic Cars is the Grand Marshal for the 2016 Vintage Motorcar Festival.

concourso car

Stop by to see me on the Concorso of Supercars which features exotic and one-of-a-kind cars – a perfect fit for my one-of-a-kind ShopBots. I am really honored to be a part of this amazing fundraising event which benefits the Klingberg Family Centers.

All proceeds go to this private, nonprofit multi-service agency who provides help to thousands of persons across Connecticut each year through more than 25 programs and services. They extend hope and healing to children and families whose lives have been affected by abuse, trauma, severe family problems and behavioral health issues.

Hope to see you there!