About Artist

A bike found under a layer of dust, a forgotten toy at the bottom of a box or an abandoned vehicle in a barn – all treasures right in front of you waiting to be uncovered; to be re-discovered. Many times with that rediscovery comes rejuvenation – a breath of new life or even a new purpose for everyday objects. But what happens when it’s not just an object changing? What if while they are transforming objects, a person finds new purpose for themselves too?

bro2Terry had been collecting dust under the career of a precision metal fabricator for over 2 decades. But, there was always something else….something more magical that lay beneath that daily dirty grind. Tapping into his childhood love of Legos, Tinker Toys and Erector Sets along with a healthy obsession for video games, Star Wars, Dark Crystal and Iron Giant – this sci-fi junkie put on his welding mask one day and found a robot lie in the pile of junk in front of him…….meet Boom Boy. boom boy

From the first time at 8 yrs. old when he dismantled his grandfather’s Bulova Accutron watch, Terry knew he had found his passion in tinkering. A maker of steampunk robots – or  “Shopbots” as he calls them – Terry likes to start with a single piece probably found at a flea market or one of his many junk yard visits and lets it speak to him. Maybe it’s a face or an arm; from there more pieces are added until it has completed its transformation.

Terry’s work connects with audiences on many levels – whether you are enraptured by the whimsy of his creations or trying to sort through each one to figure out “what did this part use to be”. Many of his robots are armored or carry weapons – perhaps acting as tiny protectors of childhood dreams, who keep everyone around them safe and secure in knowing you can find beauty in something once discarded…if you take the time to look.


Terry is a member of the Artisans of WMASS a collective of artists who live, work, and play in Western Massachusetts where he resides.