Maker-in-Residence: Fostering creativity through collaboration

I am very pleased to announce that I will be the Maker-in-Residence at the Danbury Library for the month of October. The role of the Danbury Library’s Maker-in-Residence is to brighten the light on unique creativity and create with the help of community influence. This influence will come from many different people – library patrons, members of the Connecticut Science Center & Danbury Library Teen Innovation Program, staff and community members. Everyone will be involved through active participation in shaping one or more of my creations through an exchange of ideas – that means you too.

Hope you will come out during one of my workshops on 10/22 or 10/29 both get started at noon. Not only will you get to see some of my latest creations, but you’ll be learning too. Just imagine the educational aspects to take away like:steam fair october

  • Math – Measuring and layout of parts for cutting, drilling and assembling
  • Science – Welding of molten metal and bending of heated steel.
  • Art Literacy – Transforming everyday junk into unique works of art.

See? It’s like a robot university! If you come, I will instruct our future overlords to kill you last 🙂

I will also be in attendance for the fall Steam Fair October 15th from 10am-5pm, a fun-filled day of innovation and imagination.


Rev up your engines

My Shopbots were at the Big E last weekend for The Collector Car Experience. In its second year, the show was held Sept. 18 the with hosts of Velocity channel fame, Mike Brewer, of Wheeler Dealers, and Chris Jacobs, of Overhaulin’.

This one-of-a-kind automotive event featured a first-rate lineup of cars from the 1900s to present – covering a broad range of Brass Era cars to Lamborghinis, Ferraris and many more. Unique, one-of-a-kind, first-rate? Sounds like a perfect fit for us.

An impressive lineup of automobiles, handpicked for their uniqueness and representation of over a century of automotive history. After being paraded across the stage, they were then on display in the arena. The cars, the hosts and I were all together after the event for a meet-and-greet. I got to hold a milk bottle from the Indy 500 courtesy of Jack Arute III and try not to gawk too much at the amazing vehicles while people were gawking at my Shopbots – all and all, quite a fun day.


The Mattoon Arts Festival

Mattoon Collage

An arts festival that is also a walk back in time – attached brick townhouses built in the 1870’s and 1880’s, herringbone brick sidewalks, stately London Plane shade trees, and cast iron ornamental street lights all contribute to the charm of this historic district.

The Mattoon Street Arts Festival is the longest running arts festival in the Pioneer Valley. Join me for the 44th edition of the festival, which will be held Saturday – Sunday, September 10 & 11, 2016

This outdoor arts and crafts show is held on a quaint street of restored brick Victorian rowhouses right in the middle of downtown Springfield, featuring 100 exhibitors, food vendors, and strolling musicians. Hope I’ll see you there next month.


Artists for Artists

east works 8

Created this custom stand for my killer postcards made by Ross Stauss. He’s a graphic artist from Portland, Oregon who brought the gritty, industrial but whimsical nature of my Shopbots to life with his design.


I love supporting other artists and couldn’t wait to get these out at my shows. That way you can take 5 robots home with you while you are trying to decide which actual one speaks to you and needs to be yours. Or perhaps even think about a custom one with special items from your life.

What would you create with the objects around you?

Rural Arts Haven : Shopbots in Franklin County


Overlooking the Village of Shelburne Falls and the Deerfield River, Salmon Falls Gallery is simply a great place to take in the view: inside you are looking at gorgeous works of art, outside the river flowing under The Bridge of Flowers and over Salmon Falls, the gallery’s namesake.salmon falls gallery collage

Was visiting Franklin County earlier this week to see Donna Gates, who is the Director/Curator for the gallery owned by Josh Simpson a fellow artist and creator of fantastical glass work, and we finalized a year-long engagement. Yes – that’s right, you can now see my “Shopbots” in this breath-taking place. I’m so thankful to have my work around so many great artists and great people all living/working within 50 miles of the town.

If you find yourself out and about, spend the day in town or stay the weekend, there are so many venues to explore. Shelburne Falls is a walk-able village that is home to more than a dozen art galleries, as well as fine dining, shops devoted to vintage clothing and collectibles, bookstores, a trolley museum and a pharmacy that still has a working soda counter (yum!).

Knack Knack – Who’s There? The Knack!

Sometimes when I’m looking for inspiration I venture out to junk/scrap yards, rummage around in my garage or reach out to friends who might be thinking about discarding items around the house. I have even received packages from clients or people I’ve met shows who thought a particular object might inspire me (just wait to see what I can do with roller skate trucks and fuses!). But the one place I always know will have some inspiration for me is Knack.

Knack, is creative reuse center that collects discarded materials, sorts them, and makes them available for people to use in any creative way they wish. Founded in 2012 by Amber & Macey, it is now owned by Marjory Zaik – that’s her with Joe, the robot I created with materials from the store.Knack Collage

They host Open Studio hours — where you can use all of their tools and selected materials, as well a variety of workshops and classes. Have a mini-maker in your house? They have craft parties that any kids would surely enjoy for a birthday. Hell, I’m even thinking about having mine there this summer – you are never too old to roll-up your sleeves and get crafty. knack-creative-reuse-center 1

Visit their Instagram for some ideas or pop on in yourself to check it out, they have collage parties running all this month too. Don’t forget to say hi to Marjory and Joe for me!


Aprons Ahoy!

burns pic of terry

Thanks to Burns Maxey for the wonderful picture of me and my stylish new gear.

apron girl 2

Super stoked about my custom apron designed by Malinda Lovic. We met at the LOOP show over the summer and totally dig what she does.




You might know her better as Ballistic Miss L from the Pair O’ Dice City Rollers, the Roller Derby League of Springfield, MA. That’s her in the front in purple tearing it up! in the shop

Had a blast with her spit-balling all the ideas for what might go into mine. She totally nailed it!



Here I am rocking the new apron in the shop giving Buzzer a bit of a buff job for his birthday.

For all of the southpaws out there, have her create a left handed version for you. The chest pockets and waist straps can be flipped, allowing for greater ease of use.


Eastworks Holiday Pop-up

A few months ago I was introduced to Beth McElhiney, a local artist and Master Silversmith recently relocated from the Cape, she shared with me some of the details about a pop-up shop she envisioned at Eastworks.

For those of you who aren’t familiar Eastworks it is the old Stanley building, a large tool manufacturer, that has been re-purposed into a series of studios and art galleries including a live-in residential area for the vibrant community of artists who live or work there. The artists come together at many different times during the year, one of which is at the Eastworks pop-up shop which opened right after Thanksgiving with a variety of local artisans.

I am thrilled that she asked me to be part of the shop this year. We had a great time setting up the shop and she snapped these wonderful pictures of me along with members of my robot army, including “Stanley” made from old parts made in this building.

Pop Up Shop Collage

Stop by to see Beth and catch some of my newest shop bots, including Decker, they’ll be open only for a few more weeks.

WMASS Artisans Group

wmass artisansI am super fortunate to have met so many amazing gallery owners, curators and artists who put together shows and pop-up stores over the past few months that I have been invited to show at.

It is an amazingly supportive community for artists here in Western Massachusetts!

One of the groups that supports local artists recently sent me a letter of acceptance and I am thrilled to be joining the Western Mass Artisans Group. The Artisans of WMass is a collective of artists and hand crafters who hail from Western Mass, including the Pioneer Valley and Berkshires. Their aim is to provide a resource for shopping locally and handmade during any season.

From ceramics to sculpture and purses to wood crafts, they cover the gamut. Take a stroll around their gallery of artisans and see what might pique your interest. You can also visit my page on their site for a little behind the scenes snapshot about my Shopbots.

How to Spot a Yeti in Easthampton

First order of business in Yeti spotting is where to find one? You are in luck because I know of one right in the heart of the Pioneer Valley – the new holiday art pop-up Yeti Market. While I can’t guarantee an actual Yeti – I did see a gold dusted Boba Fett topped with a Barbie head and frankly, who can tell the difference?

Thanks to Rob Kimmel, the brainchild…er mad genius behind it, I am exited to be part of this 2 day event featuring handmade goods from offbeat makers with unique vision and amazing skills. Where else can you find gothic cross-stitch next to fine woodworking, unique stuffed monster toys next to beautiful jewelry? Whether you are celebrating the Equinox, Christmas, Chanukkah, or Kwanzaa, you will find the perfect “must have gift”.

yeti vertical

This special pop-up will be open on November 14th, which is the same day as the upcoming Art Walk, the monthly celebration of galleries and artists in Easthampton and also on December 5th. Hours both days are 12-8pm and I hope to see you there for one of them!