Robot Profiles: A Box of Art Supplies

What would you do with a box full of bolts and gears and random pieces of metal?

bolts-arrivalI received a package one afternoon (a very large and heavy package – condolences to the carrier that had to bring that parcel) which asked that very question.

It was story that started on Instagram with a challenge posed by a fellow artist named Bucket of Bolts. Each recipenent would take pieces from the box to create something, then add pieces from their shop before it headed out to the next artist chosen.

It arrived to me from Gunstone Creations and after 4 days of welding, cutting, grinding, drilling, hammering and bolting, it was done…well almost done. There was still a lot of sanding and paint prep to do. I started posting a daily play-by-play of all the fun I was having creating with this new supplies. Finally on day 5, it was complete. Meet Sir Bolts – he is created from about 50% box parts and 50% items I had in/around my shop.

sir-boltsHad an amazing time working on him, decided what pieces to add to the box and then choosing the next person to send it off to.

It went from the East Coast back to the West Coast into the talented hands of Joanie Butler, who created “Star Gazer” with the pieces.

You can follow all the fun by checking in on #boxofartsupplies and what will you create today?

Knack Knack – Who’s There? The Knack!

Sometimes when I’m looking for inspiration I venture out to junk/scrap yards, rummage around in my garage or reach out to friends who might be thinking about discarding items around the house. I have even received packages from clients or people I’ve met shows who thought a particular object might inspire me (just wait to see what I can do with roller skate trucks and fuses!). But the one place I always know will have some inspiration for me is Knack.

Knack, is creative reuse center that collects discarded materials, sorts them, and makes them available for people to use in any creative way they wish. Founded in 2012 by Amber & Macey, it is now owned by Marjory Zaik – that’s her with Joe, the robot I created with materials from the store.Knack Collage

They host Open Studio hours — where you can use all of their tools and selected materials, as well a variety of workshops and classes. Have a mini-maker in your house? They have craft parties that any kids would surely enjoy for a birthday. Hell, I’m even thinking about having mine there this summer – you are never too old to roll-up your sleeves and get crafty. knack-creative-reuse-center 1

Visit their Instagram for some ideas or pop on in yourself to check it out, they have collage parties running all this month too. Don’t forget to say hi to Marjory and Joe for me!


Aprons Ahoy!

burns pic of terry

Thanks to Burns Maxey for the wonderful picture of me and my stylish new gear.

apron girl 2

Super stoked about my custom apron designed by Malinda Lovic. We met at the LOOP show over the summer and totally dig what she does.




You might know her better as Ballistic Miss L from the Pair O’ Dice City Rollers, the Roller Derby League of Springfield, MA. That’s her in the front in purple tearing it up! in the shop

Had a blast with her spit-balling all the ideas for what might go into mine. She totally nailed it!



Here I am rocking the new apron in the shop giving Buzzer a bit of a buff job for his birthday.

For all of the southpaws out there, have her create a left handed version for you. The chest pockets and waist straps can be flipped, allowing for greater ease of use.


Botshop tips and tricks

Quick fab/finishing hack for all you welders out there. Cut up a few small pieces of Scotch-Brite and run a piece of threaded rod through some washers and nuts. Put it in the drill and Voila! A great buffer/finisher for stainless that’s cheap and gets in tight spots.

What tips or tricks do you use around your shop?